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Our strategy is premised on both the experience and success garnished from assisting publicly traded companies in perfecting their shareholder communications strategy. Often, companies find they are executing from a business standpoint but not receiving a market multiple which reflects the company’s achievements and future growth prospects.

Ultrapoint Investments works closely with management to establish an effective and targeted shareholder outreach campaign, which includes properly packaging their story, establishing the appropriate expectations, and providing consistent transparency into the business. By introducing key market participants, the overall goal of these efforts should lead to increased corporate visibility, greater shareholder diversification and a market multiple consistent with comparables, as well the company’s specific growth prospects.

In this social economy, corporate reputation is more fragile than ever and only those companies engaged in strategic and creative reputation management will grow and prosper. Ultrapoint Investments uses premium investor tools to bring you results. By creating relationships with shareholders, institutions and media outlets, we leverage optimal bandwidth to get your company in the news and on the board. Our services include: Financial/ Investor Relations, Communications Strategy, PR Expertise, Negotiation/ Management, to B-to-B Marketing and much more.



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